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No objection certificate (NOC)
General terms & conditions / important notes:

All applications (hard copies) to be delivered to EITC offices (in Dubai International Academic City, block 9) between 8:00 and 13:00, (Sun – Thurs.)

Processing of NOCs will start on the first working day after the receipt of the completed NOC submittal.

It is the responsibility of the building consultant/ contractor to liaise with the project ducting infrastructure consultant(s) to coordinate (internally) the duct entry points into the building.

EITC Telecom Rooms must be ready, as per EITC standards & specifications, at least 6 weeks before telecommunication services will be required.

Telecom ducting infrastructure needs to be handed over to EITC at least 8 weeks before telecommunication services are required.

The NOC will be valid for 12 months from the date of approval.

Any changes to the approved drawings will make the NOC invalid and the submittal will need to be resubmitted again for review and approval.

• EITC will not be liable for any costs or delays caused by any failure to comply with the NOC process, issued NOC or the related guidelines and specifications.

• The submittal must be in the form of two hard copies and one soft copy (AutoCAD format) along with a
fully completed NOC application form. Any resubmissions should include both the updated documents and all previously submitted items including a copy of any rejected drawings. Incomplete forms and attachments will not be accepted.

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Our NOC service desk is located in the ground floor of block 9 in DIAC

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